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DJ Fuze 

Arturo Jacobo

Years Djing:  20 Years

Favorite/Most Influential DJ Mr. Choc

Favorite Scratch:  Chirp

"One of the most rewarding feelings is seeing the crowd reaction while putting on an Active Entertainment show!"

DJ Fuze has been rocking crowds for 20 years. Whether it’s radio, clubs, high schools, or private events, he’s sure to give it 110% on the turntables.

Fuze got his big break after winning a dj battle hosted by radio legend Big Boy back in 2006. After winning the battle he wasted no time submitting demos in hopes of landing a permanent air slot. In late 2007, his persistence paid off when he earned a trial slot on air on Power 106.


Fuze took advantage of the opportunities and went on to mix on Power 106 consistently until 2019.  In July 2019 he made the move to Iheart Media’s Real 92.3.

Some of his most notable clients include Rihanna and Derek Fisher.  In addition to mixing live on the radio, Fuze has an extensive catalogue of mixes that have been streamed all over the world.  Fuze is no stranger to doing out of town gigs:  Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Houston, Phoenix, New Orleans, among others.

Along with rocking the Los Angeles airwaves on Real 92.3, you can listen to him weekly on Pitbull’s Globalization on Sirius XM, creating video routines for Dj City/Beatsource, deejaying at UCLA basketball games, along with nightclubs and countless events for Active Entertainment.


DJ Cease 

Cesar Nuñez

Years Djing:  15 Years

Favorite/Most Influential DJ:  Uncle

Favorite Scratch:  3 Click Taser

"The feeling I get when putting on an Active tee is pride. I know we have some really talented guys on the team that are serious about their art form and want to deliver nothing but the best!"

DJ Cease was first introduced to the art of deejaying as a kid in the mid 90’s.  He watched his uncle mix and scratch records and would hear the music while playing with friends in the backyard.

He began deejaying in 2005. He took over his uncle's turntables and records after his interest in the art form grew.  The more he scratched, the more he wanted to learn and get better.  He practiced four to five hours a day every afternoon, and when he wasn’t practicing, he was at record stores. It came to a point where it became an obsession.


"The feeling you get after listening to a brand new song on the radio, going to the record store, getting it fresh off the press, buying it, bringing it home and putting it on the turntable for the first time, is a feeling I will never forget!"

Cease's first gig came in 2006 at a family house party.  After that, another house party booking came, and then another one, and another...

Cease has won several prizes and recognition at DJ battles and has even DJ'd for former LA Laker, Derek Fisher.  He has also been on LA radio (93.5 KDAY), and has played at multiple bars, clubs, and lounges in LA, Orange County, and the High Desert.


DJ Kwest  

Armando Serna

Years Djing:  10 Years

Favorite/Most Influential DJ:  DJ AM

Favorite Scratch:  Autobahn

"With the Active Entertainment crew I feel like we can conquer any event together as a family!"

DJ Kwest began DJing in 2010 after developing an immense passion for music as a youngster. He started off with family events and house parties.  Anxious to grow, he transitions to nightclubs to study crowds closely and help him connect better with even bigger audiences.

Kwest grew and transformed his unique talent at a fast pace.  His mixes & scratch videos caught the attention of several local DJs and helped him establish new friendships that built valueable connections in the music industry.


His ability to scratch and fearlessly fuse genres has earned him the notoriety of being one of the top DJs in Orange County.


In 2016 Kwest earned a spot mixing on-air for 99.1 KGGI in Riverside, CA.  You can catch him in action on the airwaves, at local night clubs, bars, and Active Entertainment events across SoCal.


DeeJaye 100  

Jon Rubio

Years Djing:  16 Years

Favorite/Most Influential DJ:  Mr. Choc

Favorite Scratch:  Boomerang

"It's always the best putting on a show with the Active fam!"

Coming Soon



BAEB Logo.png

DJ Baeb 

Bryan Escalante

Years Djing/MCing:  11 Years

Favorite/Most Influential DJ DJ Craze

Most Influential MC JCruz, Gilberto Gless

Favorite Scratch:  Transformer

"I love connecting with people.  Every event that we put on with the Active Entertainment crew is unique and I enjoy seeing crowds sing along and enjoy themselves on the dance floor."

DJ Baeb grew up listening to 70's Disco and hits from the 80's on his dad's cassette collection.

In high school, he started hosting small bbq's with friends.  He slowly kept buying equipment and anything that would make the next party better.  During this time he also developed a passion for video production and being a character on camera.

His charisma with people earned him notable opportunities as a concert coordinator in college.  He's worked with top artists such as Eric Bellinger and Magic! along with providing hospitality at multiple concert productions for Waka Flocka, A-Trak, and other artists.  Bryan was also the DJ for multiple up and coming artists and DJ'd CSUF basketball games and athletic events for years.

Today, Bryan produces content for multiple organizations across all social media platforms,  deejays and emcees for Coca Cola Events in SoCal, and hosts various events with the Active Entertainment family.



PRESTON Logo.png


Preston Brown

Years Video:  7 Years

Years Djing:  11 Years

Favorite/Most Influential Artist Everyone

"There is no better feeling heading into an Active Entertainment event. We bring life to anywhere we go and it’s just great being around the awesome energy!"

Preston is a multi-talented Videographer/Photographer, DJ, and graphic designer.


He loves to bring life to the environment and is passionate about everything he is able to contribute to the Active team.

Preston has had the opportunity to produce content for Nike, Disney, Karmaloop, Sprint, Verizon, 3M, Cadillac, and Chevrolet among others.  He has also produced music videos for recording artists and is a film and video editor.


Preston is a Proud Father of two and credits his children as his inspiration.



Evan Roa

Years in Video:  6 Years

Favorite/Most Influential Artist Gibson Hazard, Cole Bennett

Coming Soon





JP De La Cruz

Years Engineering:  6 Years

Years Djing:  16 Years

Favorite/Most Influential Artist Madlib

Coming Soon




DJ Detox 

Ernest Valdez

Years Djing:  24 Years

Favorite/Most Influential DJ DJ Qbert

Favorite Scratch:  Orbit/Chirp Flare

Coming Soon

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